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SunKissed Tanning & Hair Salon

170 Yarmouth Road - Thorpe St Andrew - NR7 0AD - 01603703905 - @MySunkissed

3 Mins - £1.50

6 Mins - £3.00

9 Mins - £4.50

12 Mins - £6.00

15 Mins - £7.50

60 Minutes - £20.00

120 Minutes - £35.00

Sunbeds and Safe Tanning

We offer 200w Aurora Tanning Units. UV Stand up units offer a fast,

convenient and hygienic tanning service, ideal for those of you who want to build up a beautiful tan, but who don't have much time on your hands.

UV Free Spray Tanning is the latest tanning innovation. This application takes less than 15 minutes and the results are instantly apparent.

This is ideal for those of you who want a natural, flawless tan for a

special occasion or event.

Safe Tanning - Prior to using our tanning beds, our staff will determine your skin type based on several characteristics.

We will use this to help provide you with the best advice on how to

achieve the tanning results that you want, as safely as possible.

We recommend that a lotion is used with any UV tanning application.

These not only accelerate your tan (up to 60% faster tan), but provide your

skin with the nutrients sometimes lost by exposure to UV light.


Courses are valid for 1 year from the

date of purchase

Minutes CANNOT be shared between customers

Customers are not permitted to use the sunbeds more than once in 24 hours

An age limit of 18 applies to UV tanning (ID may be required)